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 movements create leaders.     


A.R.M. Members come from every race, religion, gender, nationality, and political affiliation.

 The American Resistance Movement - (ARM) is comprised of American citizens in every City and State from coast to coast who dedicate much time monitoring all covert, secret and subversive government / military activity which might compromise America's National Security, The United States Constitution, and agencies like the DHS, TSA, CIA, NSA, BATF, DOD, BLM and so on, then make all information available to the general public through national and independent news outlets.

 Leaderless Resistance is one of the key components behind The ARM's mission which enables the average American to make a difference individually by standing up to corrupt Local, State and National bodies of America's Political, Governmental and Military Bureaucracies without worry of any government or military infiltrators disrupting his or her individual activities. ARM activities include research, reconnaissance, communication, activism, survival training, weapons training, preparation, humanitarian work, and nature conservation.

"Resistance to tyranny is service to God." – James Madison


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Texit Proves State’s Rights Not Important To Trump (Give him a chance)

Started by A. "Doc" Evangelista, PhD in Main Forum. Last reply by ZUESDOG on Wednesday. 4 Replies

Texit Proves State’s Rights Not Important To TrumpClick or copy this link:…Continue

On Being An American Patriot

Started by ZUESDOG in Main Forum. Last reply by ZUESDOG on Tuesday. 15 Replies

The enemies of America are murdering cops and citizens in ever increasing numbers and frequency. Obama's treasonous DOJ has created this environment so martial law can be declared and gun confiscation can start. People believe they can be safe if…Continue

New Members, make yourselves known here!

Started by American Resistance Movement in New Members Forum. Last reply by Justin Hewett Jul 21. 361 Replies

We dont always get new member updates, so if you want a friendly welcome, please post here and say hi to the rest of us.Welcome to the Resistance! You are not alone!Continue

Proposed Ban on Trapping ON PUBLIC LANDS !! RED FLAG !!!! Montana (with COMMENT)

Started by A. "Doc" Evangelista, PhD in Main Forum. Last reply by A. "Doc" Evangelista, PhD Jul 3. 3 Replies

Subject: I-177 - proposed trapping ban RED FLAGDear MSSA Friends, The media tells us that anti activists have gathered enough signatures to put I-177 on the November ballot, to ban trapping on public lands.Isn't this proposed law unconstitutional…Continue

Tags: Food, shortages, public, lands, Resistance

Operations Security (OPSEC)

Started by OldSkoolLBE in Principles and Strategy of The Resistance. Last reply by OldSkoolLBE Jun 18. 2 Replies

Poor Operations Security (OPSEC) will lead to mission failure. OPSEC is about denying information to the adversary, and our focus goes into controlling what information goes out. Ensure that the members of your organization understand the regime…Continue

Information Security (INFOSEC)

Started by OldSkoolLBE in Principles and Strategy of The Resistance. Last reply by Samuel Culper Jun 18. 1 Reply

Information Security (INFOSEC) is the program we use to secure our stored information from compromise. Securing your sensitive items, documents, and digital information through robust security measures is absolutely critical because spillage of any…Continue

Personnel Security (PERSEC)

Started by OldSkoolLBE in Principles and Strategy of The Resistance. Last reply by Samuel Culper Jun 18. 1 Reply

Identity management is an important piece of Personnel Security (PER­SEC) and identity information denial. Whether you operate openly us­ing your real name (not recommended), operate under a pseudonym or code name, or operate anonymously, your…Continue

The 2nd Amendment

Started by ZUESDOG in Main Forum. Last reply by ZUESDOG Jun 11. 2 Replies

Second AmendmentCourt: No right to carry concealed weapons in public Published June 09, 2016 SAN FRANCISCO – An 11-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of…Continue


The Creed of Freedom


  We believe that only individuals have rights, not the collective group; that these rights are intrinsic to each individual, not granted by the state; for if the state has the power to grant them, it also has the power to deny them, and that is incompatible with personal liberty.
  We believe that a just government derives its power solely from the governed. Therefore, the state must never presume to do anything beyond what individual citizens also have the right to do. Otherwise, the state is a power unto itself and becomes the master instead of the servant of society.


  We believe that one of the greatest threats to freedom is to allow any group, no matter its numeric superiority, to deny the rights of the minority; and that one of the primary functions of just government is to protect each individual from the greed and passion of the majority.


   We believe that desirable social and economic objectives are better achieved by voluntary action than by coercion of law.

  We believe that social tranquility and brotherhood are better achieved by tolerance, persuasion, and the power of good example than by coercion of law.

  We believe that those in need are better served by charity, which is the giving of one's own money, than by welfare, which is the giving of other people's money through coercion of law.


   We believe that all citizens should be equal under law, regardless of their national origin, race, religion, gender, education, economic status, life style, or political opinion. Likewise, no class should be given preferential treatment, regardless of the merit or popularity of its cause. To favor one class over another is not equality under law.


   We believe that the proper role of government is negative, not positive; defensive, not aggressive. It is to protect, not to provide; for if the state is granted the power to provide for some, it must also be able to take from others, and once that power is granted, there are those who will seek it for their advantage. It always leads to legalized plunder and loss of freedom. If government is powerful enough to give us everything we want, it is also powerful enough to take from us everything we have. Therefore, the proper function of government is to protect the lives, liberty, and property of its citizens; nothing more. That government is best which governs least.




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